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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Bellingham, United States

Nooksack River Rafting Class 3 Adventure

Nooksack River Rafting Class 3 Adventure - Bellingham, Washington

Duration: 5 hours
Location: Bellingham, Washington

From USD

Whitewater river rafting on the Nooksack river near Bellingham Washington is a trip not to be missed.  In the shadow of Mt ... More info ›

Whitewater river rafting on the Nooksack river near Bellingham Washington is a trip not to be missed.  In the shadow of Mt. Baker, this combination trip of whitewater and amazing scenery is a Northwest classic.  Deep in the lush rain forest, the Nooksack provides views of Mt. Baker only seen by the river.  You can expect class 3 whitewater the first half of the trip, and amazing scenery on the 2nd half.  It is not uncommon to view bald eagles feasting on the fresh run of salmon spawning in the river.  Minimum age is 12 years old.

The Nooksack river is your best bet for whitewater in the Seattle area in July. The Nooksack offers some great class 3 whitewater in the first half of the run with some great views of Mt. Baker and the surrounding area in the second half of the run.  On the Nooksack, you really get a feel of the rain-forest and the dense forestation that the pacific northwest is famous for.  In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of Bald Eagles on the Nooksack river, and an occasional deer or other wildlife is also spotted. The Nooksack is located 1/2 hour east of Bellinhgam, in total, about 2 hours drive north of Seattle.   The Nooksack is a 1/2 day trip, so you can expect to be on the river for about 3 hours, with the total experience being about 5 hours long.

Of course all trips with River Recreation include a wetsuit for everyone,  a pair of neoprene booties, a type 5 hi-float PFD as well as a full BBQ style lunch, and a fully-guided excursion with one of our fun and experienced professional river guides.  

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